Swamp Pikin Sticker

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Swamp Pikins are the smallest breed of Pikin, but they are also known to be the most ferocious. Adding feathers to their helmets in order to appear taller and more imposing, the hunting style of Swamp Pikins is quite sophisticated despite their limited intelligence. Like other breeds, Swamp Pikins prefer to hunt in packs and will surround their prey with large numbers. After cutting off all avenues of escape, they start their attack with poison blow darts before swarming in all at once to eat their prey, bones and all, while it is still alive. If they themselves are caught in any kind of dangerous situation, they are armed with natural sharp quill spines growing down their backs and forearms, which they will use without mercy to fight back until they can escape.

Leadership within the tribes is a mess. Due to their limited intelligence, Swamp Pikins are the least organized out of any breed. They do not have a leader of any kind and tend to just go from frenzied attack to frenzied attack until there is nothing left to kill in an area. This also tends to mean that they do not deal well with other Pikins as they do not produce goods that are worth trading.

Swamp Pikins do not worship any sort of higher power. Not because they do not believe but more because their brains cannot handle this type of concept. As stated previously, their short lives tend to be all about the pursuit of new battles to fight.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
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