Nature Wisp Sticker

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Druids dedicate their lives to nature and the preservation of all plant life. They are completely in tune with all aspects of nature, preferring to live as hermits within forests and jungles, tending to the trees, plants, and wildlife. Most Druids have a soothing presence about them, and they exude such natural energy that they are able to revive dead trees and other rotted plants, just by simply touching them, or even just walking by them at higher levels. Druids possess such power, that they are capable of literally talking to trees and plants. In addition to understanding the speech of plants, Druids develop a unique kinship with the forest they lay claim to, and through this kinship, the Druid is able to see, sense, and smell, practically everything that is going on within that forest at that moment. When in the vicinity of plant life, Druids are capable of conducting various nature based spells, including creating and controlling large thick vines that sprout from the ground, and they are also able to meld themselves within trees, becoming giant walking tree hybrids! With a first stage Wisp, The Druid can conduct many spells, but there is a limit on their amount of power, and the Druid can remain in tune with a limited patch of the forest they are in. With a second stage Wisp, the Druid becomes enhanced, and they can conduct more powerful spells that last longer, and they are able to remain in tune with a much larger area of the forest they are in. With a third stage Wisp, Druids become practically demi gods of their forest domains, as they now become completely in tune with the entire forest they reside in. At this level, Druids control all plant life within the forest, can communicate with all its animals, they can morph trees into living walking creatures, and they can do so much more. With level 3 Wisp, a Druid can practically do whatever they desire within a forest or jungle.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers