Illusion Wisp Sticker

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Illusionists can create convincing illusions of any kind. These Illusions can fool all senses, as they deliver a fake sense of smell, sight,and weight to them. These illusions can appear so real that they’ll fool even the most ardent of nonbelievers. Illusionary tricks that can be created include (but are not limited to) large piles of gold, frightening creatures, and even large cities or structures. If someone sees an illusion and can be convinced that it is real, the illusion increases in power. For example: if someone sees an illusionary pile of gold coins and is convinced that it is real, they will be able to hold the coins and feel their weight. If someone is attacked by an illusionary beast and believes it to be real, they will physically feel the pain of each strike from the monster, and so on. Illusionists are also capable of using their magic to disguise themselves effortlessly, by covering themselves in an illusionary secondary form. With a first stage Wisp, an Illusionist can only create smaller scale illusions, which can last only up to an hour at a time. With a second stage Wisp, their illusionary capabilities extend, and they can now cast stronger and more convincing illusions, which can last longer and spread across a wider surface. With a third stage Wisp, Illusionist become all powerful and can create the most grand and convincing of illusions, capable of lasting up to an entire day. At this level, the illusions range can expand very far, and the type of illusions the Illusionist can make are limited only to their own imagination.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers