Elemmancer Backpack

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A rare type, Elemmancers have a unique ability which differentiates them from all the other element based Spell Casters, by having the unique advantage of gaining control over all of the elements, as opposed to controlling only one of the elemental types. The unique ability this Spell Caster has is they are able to create and control hulking subservient beings made from pure element energy, these beings are known as “Elementals.” Elementals are completely subservient to the Elemmancer, and have no thoughts, emotions, or speech of their own. The only things they posses are hulking bodies and pairs of eyes. These being have complete control over the element they are made from, and the Elemmancer has complete control over them. Elementals are very strong and durable, and consist of 100% the element they were created from. The Elem Wisp is made of all the elements, thus granting the Elemmancer constant access to all the element sources in order to summon their desired Elemetal type when they want it. The size and duration of the Elemental minion depends entirely on how powerful the Elemmancer is. With a first stage Wisp, the Elemmancer is limited to creating only 3 Elementals at a time, and they can last for up to an hour a day. With a second stage Wisp, the duration of the Elementals existence increases up to several hours a day, the Elementals themselves grow larger and more powerful, and the Elemmancer can create up to 10 different Elementals at a time. With a third stage Wisp, Elemmancers achieve the highest peaks of power, and they can now create up to 30 Elementals at a time. Elementals at this stage increase even more so in size and power, and are able to deliver intense punishing blows, and withstand harsh attacks. At this level, an Elemmancer is capable of combining all the elements into one colosul Elemetal, making a Multi Elemental, which is able to land calamitous blows.

.: Made of 24.34 oz. Oxford-canvas
.: Flap with strap claps at the front
.: Adjustable shoulder straps
.: Black base and inside color