Electric Wisp Sticker

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Electromancers have the powerful ability of controlling all aspects of electricity. They can bend it in any which way they desire, by controlling the distance, power, and intensity of the electrical source. With these powers, Electromancers can hurl devastating bolts of electricity and lightning towards opponents, causing massive amounts of damage in the process. They can also form electrical armor around themselves, and imbue weapons and items with electrical properties, as well as being able to blind opponents with shocking bright light. Compared to all the other element types, electricity spells move the quickest, and can be cast at hyper speeds. As they grow stronger, Electromancers are able to emanate pure electricity from their bodies, causing objects and other people standing within their vicinity to become electrified, and they are also immune from becoming shocked themselves from the intense electricity they produce. With a first stage Wisp, Electromancers can cast various electrical based spells, but their power is limited, as is also their control over the element. These spells can only last up to an hour a day. With a second stage Wisp, Electromancers become more powerful, and their powers increase, allowing them to cast stronger electrical spells, which can be cast at a longer distance than previously, and cause more damage. These spells can last for up to a few hours a day. With a third stage Wisp, Electromancers become all powerful, and can now cast deadly and devastating electrical blows. All of their power enhances, and they can now control massive forms of electricity, and do with them as they please. At this level, an Electromancer can summon crushing electrical storms, with massive bolts of lightning hurling down on to the earth, causing unspeakable amounts of damage to the area and to anyone within it. These spells can last upwards to an entire day.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers