Dar - Pan the Spell Warrior Sticker

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Dar-Pan is from the “Dar” royal family and is the only child of the powerful Feytin king. Dar-Pan’s father exposed him to his wisdom leading him to want nothing more than to lead his people as their next king. Excelling in his early studies, he passed his rite of passage with relative ease.

After spending his year in the Great Fathom, and upon returning home,
Dar-Pan (who was the only survivor of his group of candidates) was horrified to learn that Neprikaas had been decimated and every last citizen murdered, leaving him as the sole survivor of his race. After investigating, Dar-Pan learned that his people were destroyed by an army of demons led by five demon generals, “The Pit Lords” from a far away deep hole called “The Black Pit”.

Upon learning this information, Dar-Pan made a blood oath vow to seek vengeance for his people by hunting down the Pit Lords and destroy them and their cursed home of the Black Pit. For the next decade, Dar-Pan trained and honed his skills to perfection, fueled by his desire for revenge.

After ten years of training, Dar-Pan finally felt ready to visit the surface world, seek out the Pit Lords, and destroy them. Adorning himself in his father’s ceremonial armor and a helmet made from his mother’s crown, Dar-Pan grabbed his Shaak-Ran swords and set forth on a quest to find the Black Pit and destroy the Pit Lords.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
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