Chronosteer Necklace

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Show the world you have the heart of a warrior with some grace and charm with this chronsteer gold necklace. 
Out of all the Spell Caster types, Chronosteers are among the rarest, if not the most rare of them all. They have the ability to control and manipulate all aspects of time itself. This includes slowing time, speeding up time, freezing time, traveling to the past or future, and so much more. Because this power is so unique and extraordinary , Chronosteers are often seen as deities of sorts, and this is somewhat true, as most Chronosteers acknowledge that the powers bestowed upon them are unique and rare, so they take on the roles of worldly guides, as they believe they were chosen to become Chronosteers because it was their destiny to become guides for the common people. With a first stage Wisp, a Chronosteer’s control over time is limited, and they can only do simpler time related spells upwards to an hour a day. With a second stage Wisp, Chronosteers become more powerful, and are able to conduct more complex and varied time related spells, that are able to last for several hours a day. With a third stage Wisp, Chronosteers are practically like gods, as their control and manipulation over time itself becomes limitless. In this stage they gain the ability to move freely through time, capable of reaching any point, no matter how far it is in the past or future. Because of this, Chronosteers at this stage are practically immortal, as anytime something of ill-nature happens to them, they can simply go backwards in time, and avoid the danger entirely.
.: Sterling silver or 18K gold plated
.: Multiple chain lengths
.: Several charm shapes
.: Nickel and lead free