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Found in the contaminated Badlands, Chaos Pikins are the largest of the Pikins breeds. Having been constantly exposed to the negative energy spewing out of The Black Pit, their skin is often deformed and virtually melting off parts of their bodies.

Unfortunately for all other living beings in Erridose, Chaos Pikins are also the smartest breed of Pikins having mastered metalsmithing, which means that they can often be seen sporting full armor suits and strong weapons. They are stronger, faster, and have more endurance than the average Pikin and they have the mental capacity to organize simple battle formations and tactics.

While they still believe in the pack animal battle strategy found among most Pikins breeds, they can also organize attacks from a distance before swarming in to finish off their prey. Any adventurers who are unlucky enough to come across a pack of these monsters should be prepared for a prolonged fight.

Not only that but Chaos Pikins are among the most savage of the tribes found in Erridose. Not only are they ruthless and clever in battle, but they also have a need for extreme violence not found in other breeds. Humanoids who face off against this breed and only walk away with a couple of limbs missing should consider themselves fortunate and blessed by a higher power.

Culturally, Chaos Pikins are very loyal to their tribal leaders. With their increased mental capacity, they know that they are stronger as a unit rather than as individuals and thus leaders remain in power for long stretches of time. While the occasional power struggle does appear every once in a while, for the most part, this breed will stick with one leader until they die in battle or from natural causes.

Unlike other breeds which will worship one god above all others (which god depends entirely on the breed and their location on the map), Chaos Pikins are polytheistic with different packs of a tribe worshipping different deities depending on their role within the tribe. They are the only known breed of Pikins to have a fully developed religious system in place.

Also unlike other Pikins breeds, Chaos Pikins tend to stick closer to their own breed rather than trade or deal with other, less intelligent, breeds of Pikins.

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