Animator Wisp Sticker

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Animators are able to create and breath life in to large bipedal creatures known as Golems, which are completely subservient to the Animator and must do as they are commanded. These Golems are usually hulking, very strong, very tough, and very hard to kill. They lack any form of free thought, language, or emotions; they are mindless beings. Golems are completely subservient to their creator, and will do as they are commanded and will never stop doing as they were told, not until they are completely destroyed. The four main types of Golems that can be created include (but are not limited to) Rock, Clay, Iron, and Wood, but the Spell Caster must have enough material in hand to create them. The size and general shape of each Golem are completely up to the decision of the Animator, as these creatures are literally constructed by them, so their size, strength, and general shape, completely depend on the amount of raw materials the Animator was able to collect, because in addition to the specific material each Golem type is made from, various additional materials are needed in order so successfully create a Golem. Golem creation is time consuming, but well worth the wait, as Golems are extremely loyal to their creator and are exceptionally strong compared to other creatures found throughout the world. Each Golem has its strengths and weaknesses over the other Golem types, depending on what situation they are being used in (A Stone Golem would be excellent in a hot environment for example, while a Wood Golem would be terrible in that same hot area). With a first stage Wisp, Animators can create up to 10 various Golem types at a time. These Golems can last up to a few hours per day, and have a limit on how big and tall they can get. With a second stage Wisp, the Animator’s powers are amplified, and they can now create up to 50 various Golems at a time. The construction time needed for each Golem is lessened, the Golems themselves can be made taller and thicker, and they can last up until an entire day, before crumbling into a pile and losing their life force. With a third stage Wisp, the Animator reaches extreme power, and can now create up to 100 various Golems. These Golems can be constructed to be the tallest and thickest. In addition, an Animator at this level can construct a monstrous giant Golem, and they can even animate existing statues! Golem constructed at this level can last upwards to a week before they crumble.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers