Marrose Wisp Sticker

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Rare in number, Shamans are the most spiritual of all Spell Casters and will often spend much of their time in deep meditation. Due to this high level of spirituality, Shamans possess the ability to phase in and out of the spiritual realm known as The Maarose. The Maarose is an alternate dimension, existing perpendicular and simultaneously with the physical dimension. Beings within the Maarose can see and interact with people and things in the physical realm, but people of the physical realm cannot see or interact with beings within the Maarose. When a Shaman’s enters the Maarose, they can only do so in spiritual form, thus leaving their physical body susceptible to harm, as they leave their bodies behind in the physical realm. In order to protect their physical bodies while in the Maarose, Shamans are capable of constructing various magical totem wards that create protective barriers around the Shaman’s physical body. While in the Maarose, Shamans can travel freely across the world, as they are doing so within the mystical spiritual realm of the Maarose. They can fly anywhere, go anywhere, be anywhere, as physics do not apply within the Maarose. In addition, Shamans within the Maarose can pass through solid objects, enlarge and shrink their spiritual form into almost any size, and do many other amazing feats. However when back in the physical realm, Shamans can conduct many other spells, including being able to shapeshift into various animals, as long as they are wearing the hide and head of the desired animal. With a first stage Wisp, the amount of time a Shaman can stay within the Maarose is limited, and the duration of time they can remain in animal form in the physical realm is limited as well. With a second stage Wisp, The Shaman’s abilities increase, and they are now able to remain in the Maarose for longer periods of time, and are capable of performing more magical feats within the Maarose. In the physical realm, the amount of time they can remain as an animal increases as well. With a third stage Wisp, the Shaman reaches full consciousness, and gains almost unlimited power. At this level, a Shaman can remain in the Maarose for untold amounts of time, and there is practically no limit to the feats they can perform while in spiritual form. In the physical realm, they are able to remain in animal form for much longer periods of time, and their animal form increases in size and strength as well.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers