Force Wisp Sticker

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Energists have the ability to harness the surrounding energy within the atmosphere, and project it onto others with great force. Energy is literally everywhere in the world, and Energists are capable of absorbing that power for their own offensive purposes, by collecting the raw energy in to their hands and casting it out upon opponents in the forms of huge blast beams and energy spheres, just to name a couple. The more energy that is present in the vicinity of the Energist, the stronger the blast beams become. These energy based spells are not limited to just energy blasts, however. The harnessed energy can also be used to produce super strength, speed, senses, and even grant flight capabilities, making Energists a terrible force to deal with in battle. With a first stage Wisp, an Energist can absorb only a limited amount of energy at a time, and they can only use their powers for up to an hour a day. With a second stage Wisp, the Energist is capable of absorbing higher amounts of energy at a time, and they can now cast much stronger energy blasts, which can be used up to several hours a day. With a third stage Wisp, Enregists become so powerful, that pure energy constantly emanates from them. At this level, an Energist is at their strongest, and they can cast disastrous energy blasts with devastating results. These energy blasts can be so intense, they are capable of devastating entire cities, and when energy beams at this level are focused on a single target, they don’t just blow the victim away, they eviscerate them from existence.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers