Spell Warriors Issue #1 - Colored Print Version

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Spell Warriors is an Epic Fantasy Graphic Novel 

 Erridose was once a world of relative peace and prosperity. However, a Dark Spell Caster, Balki the Befouler has obtained more wisps then any other and has unleashed terror and destruction across the lands.
With his powerful Spell Casting abilities, Balki cast a catastrophic spell that summoned a giant meteor creating a huge crater which came to be named The Black Pit. Spawning from the Black Pit, Balki summoned an army of demons and Skab people led by the 5 deadly Pit Lords; which have reaped havoc and mayhem across Erridose. 
The good people of Ferrikin with their mighty knights and Spell Casters banded together to create a Great Wall to try and contain Balki and his dark forces. However, the Ferrikin forces are being over matched and face daily deadly battles.
The only hope for all living beings in Erridose is a time-traveling Spell Caster named Faelin. It is her quest to work her way through time and space to save Erridose, she discovered she must unite a powerful party of adventurers. These adventurers are known as the Spell Warriors and they will be the ones who stand united against the evil that threatens their world. In this issue Faelin, unites our heroes, Dar-Pan the hydromancer, Rayhana the putrefier and berserker, Aksel the terramancer, Seline the aeromancer, Sallister the stealth master, Senvoo-Chay the shaman, Relik the illusionist and shielder, and Croggs the shapeshifting mecha-knight at the heart of the Great Wall, Ferrous Keep, to take on Balki’s army of Skab people. Can our diverse group of heroes learn to trust each other and work as a team in time to defend Ferrous Keep and continue on their quest to defeat Balki?